• Car rental with driver
  • Airport Transfer service
  • Events Transfer for hotel, fairs, sport
  • “Bus and Bike” service
  • Excursions
  • Tourist or school trips
  • Italian and European trips
  • School bus or line service
  • Night service for discotheque, special evening meals, Bachelorhood and Bachelorette parties
  • Daily transfer to Croatia to specific dental clinics (Monday -Wednesday – Saturday)
  • Transfer to well known local i.e. “Comano Thermae” and famous winter resorts like Madonna di Campiglio or Andalo


In addition we also have a special license, authorization and VAT number wich permits us to travel around all European countries as well as foreign ones we decide to (i.e. Bosnia or Switzerland)


A pleasant and warm welcome to all the bikers and to all sportsman and sportswomen loving bikes and mountain excursions!

Our company “Fruner Viaggi” offers to all the interested people a wide range of trailers for the transport of every single type of bicycle: racing bicycles, eletric bicycles, mountain bike and city bikes... to give you the amazing opportunity to go everywhere you want to with your special friend, your bike!

We also have the possibility to carry from 7 to 24 people also with a trailer. For your outdoor trips we also have the availability to transport groups till 50 people with bike trailer.


Partner: Michelangelo Travel
Partner: Terme di Comano
Partner: Flipper Viaggi